Tired of the typical home-sales party?

We all know how it goes, a friend or acquaintance invites us to their home for the party de jour. Sometimes it’s a company we love and are happy to have the chance to stock up on new candles, great spices or high-end cleaning clothes, but often it is a product we don’t need and aren’t sure if we even want or it isn’t a great time to be spending money on said product.  If you are like me you may enjoy the getting together part of these parties but feel pressured to buy something even if you don’t want it. If you are like me you may even have a closet full of products you have brought to support your friends as the hostesses and are hesitant to add more to the stash.

It is for these reasons among a few others, that TellMia has stopped doing traditional sex toy parties and instead is offering private Better Sex classes or sexual seminars.

Would it not be refreshing to be invited to a party with your friends where the focus was on learning something new, exciting and useful. Coming together in a safe environment to learn and gain skills to improve your relationships, add excitement to your life or help you experience more pleasure?

Would it also not be refreshing to know up front the price so you could decide it you could afford it and you could decide if this was of value to you?

Would it not be fun to have this as an option for a party or celebration you were planning i.e.: Bachelorette party, birthday, newly single..

sexy-teacher We think so!


Tellmia Better Sex home parties /classes are affordable, fun and educational!

Some of the most popular classes so far include: More detailed descriptions available

Blow him away:

~ Learn how to master the art of giving great head. We will trouble shoot the pesky issues that get in the way, establish the foundations and learn some cool new techniques.

Let’s get flirty and talk dirty

~ Want to add some fun and spark to your relationship? You will leave this class with the confidence and skill set to get started heating things up.

Meeting in the middle

~ Learn how to navigate conflicting sex drives and desires within your partnership. Leave with a deeper understanding, valuable tools and helpful approaches for a more satisfying connection.

Open to one or both partners.

It only gets better with age ~ Sex and aging

~ Explore the benefits and challenges of sex and aging. The class will offer suggestions on how to address what is getting in the way of having a fulfilling sex life and offer strategies on how to have the best sex of your life so far!

Even more erogenous zones

~ Learn all you need to know about the Gspot, squirting, P spot, and anal play to add even more pleasure and excitement to your sex life.

With 6 guest or more the cost is $20/ head.

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