The Birds and the Bees for adults…




Most of us dreaded “the talk”. Maybe it was the public health nurse, a PE teacher, or an awkward chat with your parents that was meant to prepare you for sex and relationships. If you were lucky you may have had an open minded adult who offered sage advice, but the majority of us got our sex ed from peers, first lovers or for the younger of us, through the internet.  Because hormones do a great job of motivating humans toward sexual interactions, most people fumbled their way around and figured out what they liked sexually and how to please their partners. But as we mature, sex and intimacy can get complicated and pose significant challenges. Long-term relationships can suffer from lack of desire and enthusiasm. Our desires and needs can evolve. Our bodies change and in turn, how we enjoy or require sex can change.  Our lifestyle and health can effect how our body reacts and responds.

Sexuality is complicated.

So how many people revisit sex ed as their sexual needs and relationships change? I say, not nearly enough.

Having great sex, either with a partner or by yourself is an important part of overall health, and can directly improve aspects of our physical, emotional and mental health. Adult sex education in the form of coaching, workshops, education and events can enable us to understand our desires and find ways to get our needs met and have exciting and satisfying sex with our partners. It can be the difference between frustrating and upsetting interactions and deep, nurturing intimacy.

“The talk” is no longer something to dread, I promise.



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