Pleasure Mate collection $55 – $ 160

Glow $65

Glow Pleasure Mate™ fit perfectly onto your Tango and is shaped for targeted G-spot stimulation. Its tip is soft and supple, but the handle is firm, to enable you to apply pressure for just the right feel. Can also be used on it’s own as a non vibrating insertable.



Dusk $ 55

Dusk Pleasure Mate™ is silky soft and smoothly tapered — just right, for those new to anal exploration. When Dusk is paired with Tango, the rumbly vibrations relax and provide waves of pleasure.




The whole set, including Tango  $160

Tango by We-Vibe
Petite, powerful and pocket-size — the most powerful mini-vibe
8 vibration modes
Low-power alert indicator
1-button pleasure control
100% waterproof
Body-safe — PC ABS thermoplastic — free from phthalates, latex and BPA
USB-rechargeable battery — 90-minute recharge for up to 2 hours of pleasure







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  1. I wanted to share my experience with this toy… I purchased the Tango and Glow.

    First of all, small-sized vibrating toys are a bit of a hobby of mine. I enjoy comparing them. For a long time, this sort of toy was a critical staple of my sex with a partner; I like to be penetrated, with a toy stimulating my clit at the same time. Because some positions limit how much room there is, small toys are a convenient option. Usually, however, the drawback is the lost power. I wanted the big toys for the feeling of solid vibration, and wanted a smaller toy for the (usually) quiet noise level and the less obtrusive size.

    This toy, for me, actually hits almost every one of my check marks for the ideal small toy.
    -Rechargeable (YAY)
    -Button isn’t annoyingly placed, isn’t accidentally pressed (YAY)
    -Smaller than my forearm (YAY)
    -Super quiet (*whispered yay*)
    -Powerful …hmmm…. I actually give it 4 out of 5, though to be fair and for scale, every other toy I’ve used this size barely registers a 2. A 5 is probably mechanically impossible in a small size, but I’m young still, and I’m holding out for future technology.

    So all in all, this is a super powerful, super quiet, super SMALL rechargable vibelette. I love it. I really have no cons for this one.


    The Glow attachment is a good quality toy, and well designed for how it fits yet is removable from the Tango vibe.
    -Good texture (not shiny, not coarse, a nice satin finish that doesn’t pick up as much fluff etc as some toys do)
    -Goes with my very-enjoyable Tango vibe, previously raved about.
    -Shape is great for massaging sensitive areas, inside and out.

    -Dampens the previously-raved-about vibrations of my very enjoyable Tango vibe.
    This seems to me to be an inevitable drawback. To me and my high-powered vibration needs, this makes the Glow attachment more of a novelty toy for me, and not a staple. However – please note – I’m a high-powered loving person. If you land somewhere in the middle of the spectrum in regards to sensitivity to vibration, then this may not be so much of a drawback as a way to hit that perfect level of buzz and penetration. Don’t discount the utility of this toy before you’ve tried it.

    I wish I’d had the Tango and Glow years ago when I was learning to find my G-spot. Boy would THAT have made life easier.

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