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What one participant had to say about our classes

“I had the great pleasure of taking Mia’s Talking Dirty class recently. The ambience of the venue is professional, relaxed and inviting, and Mia goes out of her way to provide a setting of physical and emotional comfort to her guests. And it is from within this safe, embracing little bubble she has created that even someone who might be shy or have a certain degree of social anxiety feels receptive to new ideas shared by Mia and other guests, and even pretty comfortable sharing their own personal opinions and experiences.
Mia’s presentation style is relaxed, humorous, and professional. She is very well prepared, and the talk itself is well paced, appropriate in scope and depth for the allotted time, and interactive. Although she has an agenda and certain points to cover during the time frame, she encourages a certain amount of feedback, suggestions and experiences from the attendees, and she incorporates those into her workshop. She offers excellent suggestions for improved communication between partners, and brings crucial points to light, for example the importance of communicating needs and desires to partners when it comes to the art of sexy verbalizations. After all, how else do we know that a certain term or phrase for a particular sexual act or body part whispered or growled in our ear will make us instantly hot and wet, while another might make us get up and choose to empty the dishwasher, or worse, mentally fill out tax forms, as a preferred alternative to sexual interaction.
Attend Mia’s class, and discover all the things you thought you knew, or perhaps never dreamt of, about the secret of talking dirty” FP