Private workshop or class



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Are you interested in attending a class or workshop, but would prefer to do it with your own group of friends or at your own venue?You can pick any of the class topics below and we will cater the workshop to your group. Whether it’s more fun oriented – maybe a newly single party, bachlerorette or birthday party OR a more edcuacational workshop wwe can do either.  It can also take place at your venue or ours.


$20/ per person ( min 6 people )


* Introducing sex toys into your sex life

* Blow him away… tips and tools for great blowjobs

* Get flirty and talking dirty

* Spicing up your sex life.

* Meeting in the middle ~ a class for couples ( or one part of the couple ) who aren’t connecting sexually. You will leave with tips and tools to find the middle ground and connect more deeply.

* Self pleasure – Learn tips on how to have the best, most satisfying solo sex. Strategize how to work with changing bodies, hormones and life circumstance, and check out the best toys and erotica on the market today.

* Newly single – sex after separation

* The ins and out of internet dating

* The every so popular G and P spots and anal play

* Bringing some Kink into the Bedroom – Are you interested in adding kink to your sex life? Do you want to learn how to give a great spanking, restrain a partner, play with sensation and engage the mind?  This seminar will cover all of this, plus show you a wide range of BDSM gear that could work for you.