Manchester Utd can still attract big names, says Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers

Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers states Manchester United have the capability.
Rodgers insists that the aura stays despite their lack of trophies – talisman Harry Maguire left for Old Trafford, which is.
He explained:”I have been blessed enough having been at Liverpool, and that I know the draw that sort of club has.
“Liverpool and Manchester Utd are the two biggest clubs in the nation by far. There are large clubs and several other excellent clubs but these two, in terms of standing, are over everyone else.
“When players get the chance to go to one of these clubs and experience that pressure and expectation – and naturally the financial side as well, where you can proceed and double your salary – then package, at a short career and in Harry’s age, is perhaps too tough to come.
“And I get that. What we are building here in Leicester is exciting, using all the brand new training ground and how we are attempting to progress on the area, but also for lots of gamers who draw remains there and that I understand it.”
The trophy-rich era under Sir Alex Ferguson has come to be a distant memory since his departure in 2013, while much more Premier League titles as then have been won by Leicester.
Beneath David Moyes, Louis van Gaal, Jose Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the gulf to rivals Manchester City and Liverpool has changed into a chasm, although the difference to the chasing pack has narrowed.
United have completed in the top four at the Premier League twice since Ferguson abandoned winning two prizes, and Leicester could go six points in front of the opponents at Old Trafford on Saturday with success.
Rodgers added:”They may not have attained what they’d have liked over the past couple of years but it is still an extremely tough spot to go and that I am conscious that Leicester haven’t won at Old Trafford in 21 decades.”

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