Sex Ed Classes and Workshops


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I have a great passion for education and find groups and workshops a dynamic and profound way to learn. I have been facilitating groups for many years but have to admit have never have enjoyed it more than I do now providing sex positive seminars, workshops and classes.

Who said Sex ed ended in high school? Expanding your knowledge is a great way to have better, hotter more connected sex. It can also be an important investment in your relationship and definetly a lot of fun.

Whether you are looking for a fun girls night, a way to ramp things up with your partner or a valauble investment in your sex life a class or workshop is for you!

We offer a wide range of workshop topics. These can be done in small private setting such as a private class/ home party, at community classes or to a wider audience through community events.

Please check Events Calendar for upcoming events and email to book your own.



$20/ per person with a min of 6 people. Community classes are priced individually.


  • Introducing sex toys into your sex life
  • Get flirty and talk dirty
  • Meeting in the middle ~ for couples who aren’t connecting sexually
  • Blowing him away… tips and tools for great blowjobs
  • Introduction to KINK and BDSM
  • Adding the spark back into your relationship
  • Self pleasure
  • Newly single – dating again
  • The ins and out of internet dating
  • Working out our kinks
  • The every so popular G and P spot and anal play
  • Intro to BDSM and Kink
  • Bringing some Kink into the Bedroom – are you interested in adding kink to your sex life? Do you want to learn how to give a great spanking, restrain a partner, play with sensation and engage the mind? This seminar will cover all of this, plus show you a wide range of BDSM gear that could work for you.