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The cadillac  of male masturbating sleeves! The FLIP series brings you the FLIP AIR. Weighing in at only 420g, this sleek, lightweight toy will invite even the larger man to a heavenly bliss. With the unique Air Release Switch, you are able to control the airflow in and out of the FLIP AIR to create either a luxuriously snug fit, or a sensational vacuum. The larger standard size allows any man to enjoy the revolutionary experience of the FLIP AIR.

All the great sensations in a lighter, compact body!

Easier to use, for men of all tastes. The FLIP AIR LITE’s compact, light-weight body provides all the fun of a FLIP AIR in a lighter body. Featuring an Air Release Switch refined for easier use, and an insertion hole to provide just the perfect entry, the FLIP AIR LITE and it’s 310g body are sure to send you flying into blissful ecstasy.





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  1. I’ve used this toy for a while now – Here is my breakdown of Pros and Cons:

    Great material – Feels great, wonderful texture, holds up over time
    Well built – It feels very sturdy, not cheaply made
    Smart design – Honestly, this is the best toy for being able to clean up well. I always worry about leaving a wet enclosed toy to dry, but because of the way this one opens up, it’s a piece of cake.
    Adjustable pressure: Being able to create and adjust suction easily (without fiddling with a cap or plugging the end of the toy with one hand) is appreciated.
    Smaller size: Compared to other similar products, this toy is much smaller and more discrete. Good for travel, as well.

    Not so girthy: I know it says it’s designed for larger members too, but that just isn’t my experience. If you’re girthy or are longer and prefer a deep penetration , this toy may present you some challenges. It gets harder to enjoy the suction as well. This is a tradeoff for the smaller overall size of this toy.
    Suction: I know it’s also in the pros, but I found it hard to operate the toy without having *some* suction… and sometimes that’s not what you want. It’s mainly a personal preference thing, but worth noting.

    Overall, this is a good toy that stands out among similar lines. From my experience with this toy, I would also not hesitate to buy any of the other tenga male masturbators.

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