Better Sex Series Starting this fall 2015

TellMia is offering a collection of classes designed to foster intimacy, pleasure, connection and playfulness within your sexual relationships.

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Fall 2015:


Blow him away. Sept 22 7-9

Master the Art of giving great head.Whether you love it, hate it *gasp* or do it to be nice, this class will explore your perspective on giving head. We will trouble shoot the pesky issues that get in the way of both parties fully enjoying themselves, establish the foundations of great head – including getting clear on your motivations and special skills, and learn some new tricks and techniques to add to your repertoire.

Meeting in the middle – Oct 5 7-9

Learn how to navigate conflicting sex drives and desires within your partnership. Leave with a deeper understanding, valuable tools and helpful approaches for a more satisfying connection.

Open to one or both partners.

Role-play and talking dirty Oct 13 

Want to add some fun and spark to your relationship? You will leave this class with the confidence and skill set to get started heating things up.

Back in the sac – Sex after Divorce TBA

The class will offer support and information to help you clarify your desires. We will cover boundaries, communication, current information around pleasure and safety, and some sexy hints to help you have the best possible experiences.

It only gets better with age ~ Sex and aging TBA

Explore the benefits and challenges of sex and aging. The class will offer suggestions on how to address what is getting in the way of having a fulfilling sex life and offer strategies on how to have the best sex of your life so far!

Understanding your desires and how to communicate and /or explore them


This is the foundation of any good sex life ( with or without a partner ). By the end of the class you will have gained useful insight and have a plan on how to start exploring.

 Even more erogenous zones

Learn all you need to know about the Gspot, squirting, P spot, and anal play to add even more pleasure and excitement to your sex life.

 Deepening Intimacy and connection Nov. TBA

Long-term partnerships changes over time. Consider new ways of spicing up your sex lives and learn how to deepen and strengthen your connection.


Confidence is Sexy. 

Discover, embrace and celebrate your sex appeal on your terms, with some helpful strategies to enhance your sex life.

For women

The following classes are geared towards queer women with female or trans partners:

 Fearless Dating     Oct. 19 7-9pm

Conquer your qualms about dating and strike out confidently to find the woman or women of your dreams. We will cover dating apps, online tools, distance relationships, and protecting your privacy.

Poly possibilities Oct. 27 7-9pm

Explore the idea of open relationships and polyamory from a queer perspective. Get the information you need to help you decide if poly relationships are for you and to give yourself a starting point.

Strap-on Sex for Women TBA

Do you enjoy the idea of penetrative sex with toys and harnesses? Want to get up close and personal with some gear? Gather some information and techniques, as well as some tips about how to claim your cock.

Deepening Intimacy and Connection TBA

Long term partnerships changes over time. Consider new ways of spicing up your sex lives and learn how to deepen and strengthen your connection.



$20/ class or 2 for $30 ( two people or two classes )

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