About Tell Mia

Located in Victoria BC.. TellMia offers an array of services encouraging and supporting healthy and exciting sex lives; including fun, educational Seminars, individual Coaching and Workshops.  We provide support, knowledge, creativity and up to date, relevant information to help you find or reclaim your sexual happiness. We acknowledge one’s sexuality is very personal, complicated and is often a source of deep emotion both postiive and negative. TellMia strives to help you connect with the healthy eroticism that can include deep connection, profound joy and exhilaration.  We believe sexuality impacts all areas of our lives and having a fulfilling sex life greatly improves mood, health and general well being. All of our classes and coaching are delivered with a sex postive philosophy in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment.


~ The best is yet to come ~

About Michele


As the founder of Tell Mia I would like to introduce myself as well as give some history on the evolution of this little company.

I am a trained counsellor and group facilitator and have spent most of my adult life working with youth, families and couples, but it was not until I started a side business selling sex toys that I realized the passion I had for this particular industry. As time progressed and my knowledge and interest continued to increase I began to notice something very interesting, the guests at the parties I was hosting began to have more educationally focused inquiries. In fact, many even pulled me aside to ask personal and often heartfelt questions about their sex lives. Some were women who had never had an orgasm, couples that were no longer connected sexually or people who wanted to explore something new; maybe something considered alternative or kinky, but were fearful to do so. Not only did I empathize with these people and their struggles, I was able to tap into my own experience both personally and professionally to offer them suggestions and support. I began to see a need for something more than just products, so I started to offer workshops and later more individualized support. Marrying my counseling background with my love of sexuality seemed an obvious and exiting endeavor and so began the birth of Tell Mia.

The other imperative part of TellMia is the sex positive approach and philosophy that we subscribe too. Believing that all types of sex and sexuality are equally valued; that being sexually honest and honouring your desires is an essential part of true happiness. I support long term monogamous relationships as well as help those interested in exploring alternative unions. Personally my life journey has included a long-term marriage, where I experienced the joys and challenges attached, being single and dating, as well as being in a handful of very non-traditional relationships. I am a self identified kinky girl who is well versed in the world of BDSM, the Lifestyle, polyamoury and the sex trade. I am grateful for all of the experiences I have had and believe they guide and inform me well in the work I do… supporting others to explore, grow and achieve their sexual happiness.


Aka Mia

About kate


I’m thrilled to be able to call myself a Pleasure Activist, and to have a name to put to part of my personal philosophy. I’ve always been interested in each person’s unique journey and have been an instructor, confidant and mediator for as long as I can remember.

I have a diverse background, with a combination of intensive performing arts training and humanistic education in gender studies and creative arts. My work life has revolved around either facilitating executives, students and visitors as an assistant or empowering employees as a manager. I’ve worked in the education, museum, and technology industries. Regardless of role, I have always seen myself as a facilitator, and I have brought that to bear with gay and lesbian organizations, non-profit boards, and BDSM events. As a polyamorous, kinky dyke I have personal experience with alternative sexual practices and relationships, and I love being around people who are questioning their sexual path, orientation, or gender identity.

I’m creative, intuitive, inquisitive, accepting, body positive, spiritual, sex positive, gender non-binary, and non-judgemental. I’m also dedicated to confidentiality and strive to live my life from an honest, self-reflective perspective with integrity. I hope I will be able to assist you in embracing your own sexual path.